3 Tips from Top Online Marketing Experts to Apply to Your Business

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02:45 – x% of pages deliver xx% of your conversions

Hi, this is Suellen Hughes from the Amica Digital, and I’m here to share a piece of online marketing news with you. I attended a conference with some of the world’s top online marketing experts, both presenting and also in attendance. So, I’m going to share with you just three of the top things that I took away from the conference that I think you might be able to apply in your business.

The first one is about simplifying and focusing.

So the theme of the conference was about the top 4% and what this is is applying the Pareto principle, which is the 80-20 rule to your business, saying that 80% of your business probably comes from the top 20% of your customers, and then taking that even further and saying, “Well, let’s apply the 80-20 principle to that 20% and that gives you the top 4%.” So really, this message was about finding the top customers, the top activities, the things that you do in your business that really deliver the greatest results for you. Of course, in order to do that, you need to be able to measure what you’re doing. So put some measures in place and then track and see what happens, eliminate the things that aren’t giving you results, and focus on the things that are.

Ezra Firestone Suellen Hughes James Schramko | online marketing experts

Ezra Firestone Suellen Hughes James Schramko


The second part was about building and engaging with your community.

We heard from Ezra Firestone, who does a lot of work in the e-commerce space, and he shared with us some really interesting things that he’s doing that don’t only apply e-commerce but really to any online business. So the main thing is really about building rapport with your community and doing that through things like video, so having video on your thank-you page, having video on your about page, using video to answer frequently asked questions that you get from your customers. So these are being used online for online shopping sites, but they can equally be applied to any online business really, so just making use of the technology to really build and engage with your community.

The third area is around conversion optimization, and this is a big one.

So many people and customers that I deal with focus on traffic. How many visitors am I getting? And really sometimes that might not be the base metric for your business. It’s actually better to convert the customers that do come. So whether that’s getting them on to your mailing list or getting them to sign up for your products or services, there are some really nifty things around conversion that were shared by Clay Collins. Clay was sharing with us that just 5% of your pages on your website account for around 95% of the conversions, so again do some tracking, have a look at your metrics, work out which pages are working for you and then really focus on those ones because they’re the ones that are going to give you the results.

The other tip he gave us was not to squander our thank-you page. So by that he means, if people are in a buying mode or they’re focused on saying yes, so that might be that they’ve said, “Yes, I would like to give you my email address and sign up for your newsletter instead of just sending them a standard email, perhaps put a video on that thank-you page or make them another offer or suggest to them some other action that they could take while they’re in that positive frame of mind, and again, related to the area of building rapport, use auto-responders or followup emails to continue to build the relationship with your clients. So send them a sequence of emails with some valuable information, it might be a cause, it might be some tools and techniques that they can use just to keep that conversation going. Even though it’s not a real conversation, it’s still a conversation that people are having in their heads. So, it’s a great idea to use those followup emails, not just for a week or a couple of weeks but for months at a time to really engage with your audience.

So those are the top three tips from me that I got from the conference. Number one, from James Schramko simplify and focus, stop doing all the things that don’t matter and that don’t give your results and just focus on the few things that really do matter. Build and engage with the community and use all the tools available to us to do that. Number three, really focus on conversion. Where do people sign up? Where do people buy from us?


I’d love to hear from you about how you can apply these to your business. Or if you’ve got any other tips that you found that has worked for you, please share them, either leave a comment or leave a voice message, see Amica Digital Services or book a call with me. Okay, until next time, thanks. Bye.


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*Editorโ€™s Note: This post has been updated on August 2020 for accuracy.

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