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Hot Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Looking for hot digital marketing trends for 2020? We’ve got you covered. Amica Digital looks at the hottest trends for 2020! Read on and find out what they are.

It’s often said, the only constant in life is change. It may sound a tad philosophical, but the truth is that throughout the evolution of the world, change was and still is the only thing that we can be sure of. The same applies to the world of digital marketing; with the expansion of the internet and the number of platforms available, keeping up with the changes in the digital landscape can be a challenge.

Seth Godin; best selling author and blogger was quoted as saying

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but the stories that you tell.” This statement is a stunning revelation as to how the world of digital marketing and marketing in itself has evolved. What changes can your business expect in digital marketing in 2020? And what can you do to best prepare for those changes in the year ahead?

What are the Hot Digital Marketing Trends for 2020? (drum doll)

Narrating a Good Story

The general idea of content marketing is not a new one. The practice has existed for years; the difference with narrative content is that it allows you to tell a specific story to a specific audience.

The idea behind narrative content is that you get to engage your audience on an intellectual as well as emotional level. Storytelling can be a powerful tool when used in conjunction with digital marketing. By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of data will be created every second, for every person on earth.  Good storytelling is a way to get cut through and be heard.

Social media is a great platform for sharing with your audience what your brand, product or service means for them.  You can share success stories about your clients’ and your business. You can interact with your community by private message and most powerfully, you can live stream to engage with your audience in real time.

What story do you want to tell people about your brand?

Influencer Marketing

Setting a trend or “going viral” in the world of digital marketing can significantly increase impact and reach you have online. This is also known as influencer marketing or even ambassador marketing, depending on the brand.
It is currently one of the most popular online marketing trends and it does not seem like it will be phasing out anytime soon. According to TakingInfluence influencer marketing spent in Q1 2019 and Q1 2020, it is estimated that Instagram’s influencer marketing market size will reach between $5 billion to $6.5 billion in 2020.

More and more we rely on favourite influencers for brand recommendations. We look at reviews and we are heavily influenced by what others think.  Finding the right influencer to suit your brand will be a tremendous benefit in 2020. Don’t forget your own customers, they can be the best influencers or brand ambassadors – use their posts, reviews and stories to promote your brand.

Who is your ideal brand ambassador?

Influencer | Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Visual/Video Content

Dominating online trends last year, this year and by the looks of things, won’t let up anytime in the foreseeable future is video content.

This visually stimulating form of marketing appeals to both our auditory and visual senses at the same time. Video content is more appealing as it engages the audience better and provides information without having to read through endless pages of data.

Video content, particularly on YouTube is great for finding out the answer to almost any “how do I?” question.  Take baking as an example. The question “how do I bake a birthday cake for a 10 year old” delivers over 36 million youtube search results!

The convenience of video content coupled with engaging, entertaining and informative content will still be very much alive and kicking, in 2020 and beyond. Not only on YouTube but on social media, website and other streaming platforms.

What video content can you create for your target audience?

Artificial Intelligence (aI) (No, not the terminator kind 🤣 )

With the rise of AI and the ever-evolving nature of the digital realm, this is one digital marketing trends that is hot on the list for 2020!

Artificially Intelligent powered live chatbots can be used for customer engagement, customer-related service issues, and answering of recurrent questions.

AI can be used to provide a customer with a holistic online experience while piquing their interest in your brand by making suggestions and delivering your online users with useful information and tips.

Machine Learning and AI will continue to influence the way advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook use our data to target us with the most relevant, specific advertisements based on our behaviour.

Are you using the data that’s already available to improve your marketing?

These four hottest trends in digital marketing only scratch the surface of the trends in the year 2020. Are there any other trends you would like to know about? Leave them in the comment section. I would like to share ideas with you. You can also check out our Amica Digital website.


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*Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on September 2020 for accuracy.

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