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Feature | measure the effectiveness of online marketing

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Online Marketing

Where to Focus your Online Marketing Efforts There is so much freely available information about how to market your business online that as a business owner who wants to attract buyers to your business through Google and social media you can DIY online marketing –

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What’s a Brand Worth?

  Hi I’m Suellen Hughes from Amica Digital and I’m writing this post while on holiday on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. Let’s talk about brand worth. I’m staying at the Palmer Coolum Resort with my husband and son. We’ve holidayed here for about

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Feature | Exact match domains

Google Update: Exact Match Domains

In 2012, Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Webspam team, tweeted that Google’s algorithm has been changed again. Google introduced exact match domains. What is the Exact Match Domains? Google is trying to stop websites that use keywords with high search results in their domain names

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Feature | Website Backup

How to Maintain and Perform a WordPress Website Backup

Websites need regular maintenance and support to keep them running well.  Even more importantly, a website backup is needed in case anything goes wrong. A monthly maintenance plan is a cost-effective way to keep your website updated and working efficiently for visitors to your website.

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Feature | Website Cost

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Survival in the global economy requires innovative business strategies such as marketing your business online. As mobile and internet technologies converge, more commercial activities are taking place on the internet, making the website an indispensable tool for any business. Business owners who understand the importance

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Feature | Create Content

How to Create Content Faster

Each website offers content to its audiences in order for them to continuously engaged in your website. In this blog post, I will discuss how to create content. Read on and find out the tips and tricks that you will need. Fact:  Small Business Owners

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Feature | How to get on Google

How to Get on Google to Boost Online Business

The online buying process often starts with an online search in Google, the search engine giant. For this reason, Internet marketing specialists systematically implement search engine optimisation (SEO), particularly for ranking well in Google. Creating a website is not enough unless it is supported with

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Feature | Online business

20 Essential Online Business Skills

If you were looking for a new job, would you even bother to apply if you reviewed the job specification and found that you didn’t have the required online business skills or experience? If you are thinking about starting a business or growing your business

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Feature | SEO

The No Geek-Speak Guide to SEO

If you are doing business online, blogging or even just “surfin’ the net”, then you will have heard the term SEO, which of course stands for Search Engine Optimisation. If you’re like most people, you will be familiar with the term, will know that there

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