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Feature | Online business

20 Essential Online Business Skills

If you were looking for a new job, would you even bother to apply if you reviewed the job specification and found that you didn’t have the required online business skills or experience? If you are thinking about starting a business or growing your business

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Feature | SEO

The No Geek-Speak Guide to SEO

If you are doing business online, blogging or even just “surfin’ the net”, then you will have heard the term SEO, which of course stands for Search Engine Optimisation. If you’re like most people, you will be familiar with the term, will know that there

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Feature | Do the Work

Do The Work

After taking the first step and figuring out your own business idea. The next step is to do the work. How exactly do you start? Read on and find out. Does this apply to you? You’ve got a task ahead of you. It might be

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Feature | Starting business

Five Keys To Starting Your Own Business – Key #1

Starting your own business is an exciting, busy and sometimes frustrating time. Most people think about starting their own business for a long time before actually taking the plunge and doing anything about it. If you’re at the “thinking” stage and ready to move into

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