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Planet Happiness advocates the imperative to value and measure travel and tourism's contribution to individual and destination well-being.

Amica Digital’s ability to listen to and understand our business needs was first-class. Their knowledge of how to navigate social media systems and design and deliver a campaign around our needs was excellent and exceeded expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing exposure and results ! - Paul Rogers, Planet Happiness

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The Requirement

The Central Victorian Goldfields World Heritage listing bid project is a partnership between thirteen local governments, regional organisations, academia and the private sector on behalf of the Central Victorian Goldfields community. The bid seeks to achieve a World Heritage listing to celebrate the history and heritage of the region.


As part of the bid project, Central Victorian Goldfields wanted to get input from the community to assess the impact of tourism.  For this, they used the Happiness Index survey and they needed the community to complete the survey.


They only had a small budget but they were able to offer an incentive to encourage people to take the survey.

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Our Solution

We recommended a Facebook Ad campaign – targeting all people in the 13 local government areas covered by the Victorian Goldfields. We then designed ad creatives and copy and tested the ads performance in different formats and platforms.

We highlighted different aspects of the ads to motivate people to answer the survey.    We monitored the ads and determined that there were 2 winning ads, reaching different audiences so we focused the small budget on these 2 ads to maximise the return on ad spend.

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Before starting the Facebook Ads Campaign, the client had around  300 surveys completed.  At the end of the 4 week campaign, we were able to increase that to almost 1,000 surveys.  The average cost per click was only 39 cents and there were almost 3,000 landing page views during the 4 weeks.

Amica Digital have been fantastic to work with. They impressed us with their expertise and speed in delivering a social media campaign across our thirteen local government areas which successfully delivered the targets we set. Without their support, we would not have the numbers of survey takers needed to build a credible case for investment that can make a real difference to local people’s quality of life. - Susan Fayad, Co-coordinator, Central Victorian Goldfields World Heritage Bid

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