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Seeking Health offers support to optimize digestion, reduce environmental exposure and toxic burden, and optimize your diet and help the immune system and overall health.

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Custom Shopify Plus Development | Seeking Health product page

The Requirement

Seeking Health wanted to update the design of their website and increase conversions in a highly competitive market. 

They required custom code to increase the functionality of the website. 

There were 3 key areas that neef to be addressed:

  • Review all of the custom code in the current site and detrmine what functionality that code provides and whether it was needed going forward.
  • Check the update Empire theme and determine which customizations were still required to deliver functionality needed and what is provided with the new theme.
  • Create new pages in Pagefly but use Meta Fields for Product pages as discussed previously.

Our Solution

The client worked with a designer who designed a new look and feel for the website.  We then developed the new design in Shopify Plus.  This was a large and complex site using many metafields for handling content, particularly on product pages.

Custom Shopify Plus Development | Seeking Health Homepage


Custom Shopify Plus Development | Seeking Health Homepage

The site was developed and we worked closely with the client to ensure all required functionality was working.   The site went live with no issues.

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