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Online Asset Security

How to protect your online business assets

How secure are your online business assets? It usually starts something like this… You type your website URL into your browser and you get a page that looks like this. [] server DNS address could not be found. try again but get the same message.  You feel that big ball of panic rising in your stomach.  Your […]

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Facebook Advertising and Promotions

Facebook Advertising & Promotions – Online Marketing News Roundup

I’ve got lots to share in this week’s online marketing roundup including news on Facebook, a post about using Facebook advertising and other features to grow fans, tips on conversion optimisation and how to get your business to stand out in the Google search results.  Enjoy! Facebook Promotions Now Allowed on Timeline Facebook have made […]

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Understanding Google Analytics – Infographic

Google Analytics is a fantastic free resource for measuring and tracking what’s happening on your website. Jeff Sauer of jeffalytics created this incredible infographic in the form of a periodic table displaying the vast array of functions and options available within Google Analytics. Courtesy of: Depth of Knowledge by Jeffalytics If you visit Jeffalytics, you will […]

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How to Get on Google to Boost Online Business

The online buying process often starts with an online search in Google, the search engine giant. For this reason, Internet marketing specialists systematically implement search engine optimisation (SEO), particularly for ranking well in Google. Creating a website is not enough unless it is supported with effective strategies on how to get on Google. What Google […]

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Business Plan for Online Success: 2012 Marketing Trends for Driving Business Growth

Internet technology, tools and applications advance rapidly and are changing the way business is conducted online. Online media platforms evolve, ushering changes in online consumer behaviour and marketing practices. Keeping up with the changes and trends can be difficult for owners of small and medium-sized businesses and the challenge for them is knowing where to focus their […]

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SEO - helping customers find your business online

Basic SEO Business Guide: How to Get on Google’s Top Search Results

Organisations of all sizes, types and functions know the importance of a website for reaching their intended audience. Creating a website is not enough. It needs an internet marketing strategy known as search engine optimization (SEO) for generating site traffic. Internet traffic constitutes the lifeblood of websites, from which businesses attract potential customers and clients. […]

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