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5 Ways on How to Get Donations for Your Charity

Deck the digital world with boughs of holly and use these festive digital marketing ideas to get donations for charity and make your charity jolly.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of Year … For Getting Donations for Your Charity

Whether your business supports several charitable causes or continues to partner with only one, it’s the time of year where digital strategies need to be spruced up with Christmas cheer and need to follow a Christmas intention of capitalising on festive goodwill, turning it into donations for charity. And, it’s not about minimal donations and support. The most profitable time of year for charities promises big donations, but it’ll take more than a letter to Santa to grant all the items on your charitable wish list. So, to really make a difference to your charity or different charitable endeavours, it’s going to take more than a small dedication on your website to show you care.

Start Off With Storytelling

To start off your Christmas fundraising efforts, start with a storytelling campaign. Telling compelling stories, accompanied by photos and videos, can set your charitable efforts into motion. Choose one Christmas campaign and use many stories from people who the charity helps. Whether it’s two to 10 stories, it’s important to share these compelling stories alongside a call to action, a call to donate. Make sure the stories are consistent, and the updates are frequent; make sure the stories pull at heartstrings, and make sure the need is clearly identified and specific. The power of storytelling can help raise donations for charity.

Follow Through With Donation Campaigns

Once you’ve gripped many heartstrings, follow through with a Christmas fundraising campaign. There are many donation opportunities which your charity can depend on such as designing and selling Christmas charity e-cards through e-commerce integration and email subscribers. Quickly place a link within your charity e-cards which invites users to visit your organisation’s donation and email newsletter subscription pages. Other opportunities include organising festive fairs, fun runs and events.  You can even run a fundraising campaign using Facebook!  By seizing the opportunity to launch these types of festive donation campaigns, you can secure necessary Christmas donations and long-term support for your charitable causes and reach your donations for charity goals!

Create Festive Donation Packages

Advertising Christmas themed donation packages through existing digital marketing channels can really boost donations. You can give away a free gift with every donation or create your own subscriptions, adoption schemes or gift packages.

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Get Your Charity Noticed with Christmas Content Keywords

When content is boosted via keywords and SEO tactics, this increases online activity for your charity and attracts more users to your site. Use keywords that users will be most likely to enter into search engines such as ‘Christmas charity’, ‘charity Christmas cards’, ‘Christmas gift ideas’ and ‘Christmas presents’. Incorporating keywords throughout your charity’s website will boost their search engine rankings, generate more traffic and gain more support towards charitable campaigns.

Promote And Decorate A Website Christmas Style – 🎄🎁

Every webpage should showcase Christmas campaigns and a call to action to encourage users to learn about the campaigns and make valuable donations. Then incorporate festive icons, content and images throughout the charity’s website and spark users’ Christmas spirit to secure Christmas donations. Replace your social media share icons and donation buttons with Christmas themed editions, and also create Christmas themed blog posts and share them through the charity’s social media profiles. Better yet, create an online advent calendar to encourage users to visit the charity’s site every day for festive surprises and giveaways.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … for getting donations for your charity and with these tips you’ll be sure to raise many funds. For more promotion tips and ideas for charities, contact us or if you recognise that you would be better to outsource some activities in your business, take a look at Amica Digital Services. Please book a discovery call and we can tailor training to suit your needs.


*Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on September 2020 for accuracy.

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