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Understanding Google Analytics – Infographic

Google Analytics is a fantastic free resource for measuring and tracking what’s happening on your website. It can be considered as a tool that analyses your website traffic and the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

There are two types of data that you can collect in Google Analytics. They are:

  • User Acquisition Data. This is the data about your users before visiting your website.
  • User Behavoiur Data. This is the data based on your users’ behaviour when they are on your website.

Jeff Sauer of jeffalytics created this incredible infographic in the form of a periodic table displaying the vast array of functions and options available within Google Analytics.


If you visit Jeffalytics, you will be able to download and print a PDF to hang on your wall as a handy reminder.

If you need help working out how this works and how you can make it work for your business, this post about how to measure the effectiveness of online marketing will get you started.


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*Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on August 2020 for accuracy.

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