Weekly Online Marketing News Roundup – 25 March 2013

Online Marketing News Update - 25 March 2013

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Facebook Change Terms and Conditions

Nothing new there, you might think!  The good news is, this time the changes are great for small business. Facebook has removed all of the previous restrictions they had on what you could put on your cover photo.  The only thing that remains is that “covers may not include images with more than 20% text”.  This means that you can now use your cover to share offers, discounts, your contact details and encourage people to like your page. New Facebook Cover Rules If you change your Facebook Cover, please post an update on my Facebook Page so that we can all see and learn form each other.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing

All of us know the value of a high quality database of people who want to know more about our business. We spend time and effort trying to get opt-ins but have you thought about opt-outs?  I don’t mean people who unsubscribe, but rather where you unsubscribe people from your list! Why would you do that?

  1. You don’t want a big list with a low open rate.  Not only is it demoralising, but it costs you money if you are paying for an email marketing service like Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.
  2. You can separate your higher value subscribers and therefore tailor your messages better because you know they are more engaged with what you have to say.
  3. Helps you to have a clean list, which helps get through the spam filters.  If the email service providers (like Gmail) recognise that your IP address sends a lot of emails that bounce, then they are more likely to block emails from you.

Here’s an article with some examples showing how to do it in a “nice way” without upsetting people who actually would like to stay on your list.

Did You Know?

Two things I discovered this week that I probably should have known but didn’t.

Google Calculator

  • You can create videos from still images directly from YouTube!

From YouTube, click “upload”, then you get a few different options including Photo Slideshow. Drag images into the uploader and YouTube will magically create a video slideshow from the images.  You can even add an audio track from YouTube or leave it with no audio. You then upload this and voile!  You now have a video.  If you want to be really clever, you can then edit the video with annotations. This is a quick way to create video which you can link to from your website or better still embed directly onto your website. Let me know if you use this method to create a video so that I can subscribe to your YouTube channel. YouTube Subscribe Widget Here is a great plugin for WordPress which puts a widget on your website encouraging people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

More Google SEO Updates Coming

Google is continuing to update algorithms to make it’s search results as relevant as possible to it’s users.  That means, make sure you are adding fresh, original content to your website. Rather than trying to drive all of your traffic using old SEO methods, focus instead on getting visitors to you website by posting different types of content in different places. Here is an article about 15 types of content marketing that works.  How many are you using regularly to send more visitors to your website?

Handy Tools

A couple of apps and sites I found this week to save you time. The first is Cloud Magic which you can use in your favourite browser or on your phone.  It allows you to search across many of your apps (e.g.  gmail, evernote, dropbox, twitter, facebook, Microsoft 365 and more) from one search bar.  Great when you need to find something fast. The second is a site which tells you what WordPress Theme and Plugins a site is using.  It’s called What WordPress Theme is That?  It’s useful if you see a website that you like the look of or that uses a funky feature and you want to know more about it.  There are other tools and sites like this but this one is very user-friendly.

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