Weekly Online Marketing News Roundup – May 20 2013


In this week’s online marketing news roundup, I share news from around the web on the latest developments at Google+, pointers on content conversion, practical tips on SEO, AdWords case studies and more news to help you grow your business online.

Google+ Stream, Hashtags, Photos and Hangouts

It’s been a busy week for Google this week with the  launch of a new Google+ design which has a very ‘Pinterest’ look about it with larger images, responsive design (view changes based on screen size) and the introduction of #hashtags for finding other related articles.

Google have also improved the ‘Photos’ providing auto backup, unlimited free storage for standard size images, sorting, enhancements and other animation.  Looks impressive.  Google may takeover from Facebook as my preferred photo storing and sharing platform.  Watch the video below to learn more.

As well as a new Google+ design, Google also released the Google Hangouts App so you can now use Google Hangouts, including text, video and photo sharing – for free. It looks like fun – watch the video here.  Now to find people to ‘Hangout’ with!

Want Better Content Conversion?

6 Content HacksIn this excellent article by Dan Norris from Informly, Dan explains 6 hacks to boost the conversion rate of your content.  These are all great ideas that can be easily implemented to bring you better results.

Audit Your Site For Optimisation Opportunities

I’m often asked by clients what they need to do to rank better in Google or to get their website content working better.  This article provides a solid checklist you can apply to audit your website and is similar to what I use when I conduct a website audit for new clients.

SEO on a Shoestring Budget

SEO on a Shoestring BudgetPaying an SEO specialist to do your SEO on a monthly retainer can be too costly for some small  businesses but if you have some time, this article tells you 3 ways to perform SEO on a shoestring budget.

Want to Rank like an SEO Master?

So you’ve done your site audit, already implemented the 3 ideas in the last article and now you’re ready for more?  This detailed SEO Blueprint provides a complete framework for SEO for those of you who love a bit of  DIY!

SEO – How Your Mum Thinks it Works

With Mother’s Day having just been (in Australia and the US anyway) this funny article shares the conversation between an SEO and his mum.  I’m thinking of trying this out on my mum!

Are You Wasting Money on Adwords?

AdWords Case StudiesGoogle Adwords (or other pay-per-click advertising) can be an excellent way to bring new, targeted visitors to your website but if not well implemented, it can be a huge budget suck.  This case study of Google Adwords advertising by 4 Accounting Software companies provides good, practical lessons on what to do and what not to do.

Ready for Twitter Advertising?

Previously Twitter advertising was by invitation with a minimum monthly spend but it has now opened Twitter Self-Service Advertising for everyone – well everyone in the US for now.

What Does your “About Us” Page Say About You?

See 6 examples of great About Us pages and some lessons you can apply to yours.

WordPress Dominates

WordPress DominatesDo you have a WordPress website?  If so, you’re in good company with the majority of the Top 100 blogs using WordPress according to a new study by pingdom.


If you need a new website and want to join the in-crowd, find out more about our Websites That Work.  Read More




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