WordPress 3.6 and Other Online Marketing News


WordPress 3.6 (aka Oscar)

WordPress 3.6 (nicknamed Oscar) has been released.

Here’s a few of the new features:

  • The default Twenty Thirteen theme is designed for blogging and is responsive (for mobile devices)
  • All changes to your posts are autosaved which means no more lost revisions.  Posts are also auto-locked which means if you have multiple authors and they both try to edit the same post at the same time, a warning will show so that you don’t overwrite each others updates.
  • There is a built in media player which plays your video and audio straight from your website so you don’t need to upload to YouTube, Vimeo etc, first. You can even embed Spotify and Rdio!  It’s important to remember that not all video formats are supported in all browsers.  Also, it’s best not to actually host your video files on your own server because it can make your website slow.  Better to host them somewhere like AmazonS3 or some other cloud storage and then just add the link to your site.
  • The usual security updates and bugfixes.

This is a major update so you should update your version of WordPress.

WARNING:  Don’t update to WordPress 3.6 until you’ve done the following:

  1. Backed up your site – use something like Backup Buddy or ManageWP to make it easier
  2. Checked compatibility of your Theme and Plugins

If you need help updating your site, I can do it for you for a special price.

Contact Me

Of course, if you are already covered by my monthly maintenance & support plan, then it will be done for you as part of the regular monthly support 🙂

Hosting WordPress

For most of my clients, one of the most confusing aspects to creating a website, is hosting.  This video tutorial explains what hosting is and the different types of hosting.  It also explains the difference between domain registration and website hosting.

The main focus of this tutorial is on the cheapest and most basic type of hosting – shared hosting.  If you will get a high volume of traffic to your website or your website is critical to your business – e.g.  eCommerce store, I’d recommend that you consider a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which provides greater security.  You may also want to consider ongoing maintenance and support including CMS, Theme and Plugin updates & backups & security checks.

In-Depth Articles

This week Google announced that it is rolling out special “in-depth articles” listings in the search results.  This means for some in-depth topics (not defined), a special kind of listing will show up in the search results.

Google in-depth articles

If you write long, in-depth articles on a topic, Google provides guidelines on how to signal your articles as being in-depth:

1.  Write compelling, in-depth content
2.  Provide Authorship Markup
3.  Use Schema Markup
4.  Use proper pagination on long articles
5.  Optimize your logo

You might need help from your techie person for some of these because they are a little tricky to implement.

How to “do” SEO

One of the questions I’m asked most is “how do I do my own SEO?”.  There are a lot of things that make up SEO and they change often as Google’s algorithm changes but this very practical post by Ana Hoffman at TrafficGenerationCafe is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to DIY.  An important note to remember –  don’t overdo anything these days.  Write good content, share it in relevant places and mix it up a bit.

I shared this fun infographic I found which shows you how to approach your content marketing like a pick-and-mix lolly (candy) shop.

Build Authority in 15 Minutes a Day

LinkedIn is a great social network for connecting in more of a business sense than a social sense.  This article from Hubspot tells you how to use LinkedIn to build authority in just 15 minutes/day.

Linked In Thought Leader

source: hubspot

Are we connected on LinkedIn?  If not, let’s get connected!

Do you have any questions or comments about any of these articles?  If so, please leave a comment below, or leave a voice message and I’ll get back to you with an answer.

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