Digital marketing review

Do you want to get your website higher up on Google but not sure how?


A lot of business owners say to us…

How do I get my website to rank higher on Google?

They understand that unless their business is showing up on the first page of Google, then they are missing out on potential customers. Yet despite having invested (often a lot of money) in a website, it doesn’t show up when their customers do a search, or it’s hidden on page 75 so no one ever sees it! They know they need to do something but just aren’t sure what will give them the biggest return.

There are so many digital marketing tactics you can use to bring in more visitors, find more buyers, get more donations or build a community. 


 You can do some SEO on your website, you can do some PPC advertising on Google or Facebook, you can use Social Media to create a buzz, you can post articles to build your authority and credibility and the list goes on.

Knowing where to start and finding the time to do it is the struggle most business owners face. What we often find is that business owners are trying to do too much and sometimes, they are doing too much of the wrong thing.

request a digital marketing review

We conduct a review of your website and business online and provide recommendations on the key actions you can take to achieve your goals. The recommendations we make are practical and focused on what will give you the best results for your business. We can even give you some inside info on how your competitors are doing.
Website Audit

how much does it Cost

For a one-off investment of only $1,500 (+GST if applicable).

how does it Work

Book a discovery call with us to make sure we’re a good fit.

We will send you to a survey with a few questions to gather some basic information about your business and find out what’s most important to you.

Within two weeks of receiving your information, we will complete the review and send you a report on what we found and our recommendations for your business.

We will then arrange a Zoom call to talk through our findings and answer any questions you have.

Client Testimonials

We provide online marketing services that work for your business by first understanding what it is you’re trying to achieve, then working with you to get the results.

Jo McCallum, Castleforge Partners

Amica made the process of designing and building an entirely new and modern website for Castleforge Partners absolutely painless, even when the brief changed quite a few times throughout the project! They have delivered a slick, visually appealing website that really showcases the brand and...

Helen Saunders, The PopBox

I needed assistance with a few things in setting up my Shopify store, and Suellen was a wonderful help. She answered all my questions and completed what needed to be done promptly, plus offered me additional advice on technical matters. I’d highly recommend Amica Digital...

Gee, Dutch Barn Vodka

Amica were a joy to work with and our website not only looks great but is also performing really well. I’d recommend them to anyone wanting a great affordable site.