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Post COVID-19 – Adapting To The New Normal

Trying to imagine the new normal after COVID-19 is tricky but there are some hints that may prove helpful in navigating the current changes and bracing for the ones that have yet to come. To get acquainted with the new normal, we must first let go of what was. Keep reading to find out what life might be like post-COVID-19.

The New Normal

While Australia may have received its first big reprieve from COVID-19 restrictions recently, life as we all know it is still a long way from what was once referred to as the norm. Just as the real world has changed, so has the digital spectrum. Let’s discuss the ways businesses can adapt for what is to come.

A Digital Wake Up Call

Woman working from home | Post COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for many as they have begun to realise that they were reliant on conducting business solely or at least largely offline and as a consequence didn’t have an online offering.

The pandemic came fast and with little warning so a good portion of businesses were in S.O.S mode. Offline businesses suddenly needed to be online to survive. Businesses already online were missing opportunities because their marketing wasn’t where it needed to be. Everyone had to adapt fast. It has never been clearer that the online world opens up many opportunities and now it could be your lifeline.

Thinking Long-Term

Some have grabbed the opportunity to take their business online. The question is, how many will stay there?

Smart business owners realise that NOW is the time to buckle down and really invest in digital marketing. Working on projects that may have been on the back burner for some time can be done right now. Regardless of the current state of a business, it is important to invest in branding and marketing to get ready for what’s to come. There are massive opportunities waiting in the wings for brands that level up their marketing during this time. Keep your eye on the horizon and remember that this isn’t what forever looks like.

How Can You Be Ready?

Planning | Post COVID-19
If you’re a business owner, the question you should be asking yourself is: is my business able to withstand a new wave or new crisis like the COVID-19 through digitalisation – and is my offering good enough?
As we adapt to and combat the disruption that this pandemic has brought into our lives, there are three significant changes that all businesses will and may already be experiencing which impact business across most sectors. These impacts may force organisations to reconsider and alter current business practices in the months to come, perhaps years, or forever for some – making it The New Normal.
Here are some emerging consumer behaviours to look out for:

  • Acceleration of digital lives
  • The must-have vs good-to-have
  • Content is great, but context is just as important

Something to consider within your marketing efforts is that buyers are showing a leaning toward practical messaging from businesses regarding how they are helping customers and the community. They are showing less and less interest in messages of optimism and hope.

Based on the responses of more than 510 Australians between the ages of 24 and 29, a new Qualtrics survey conducted in April of this year, it was discovered that most believe that it is important for businesses to take care of customers and employees. This had a more positive response compared to brands that are using the crisis to profit. A few behaviours that have been identified as serving brand trust, for instance, are taking care of customers, not taking advantage of the crisis, and taking care of workers. To sum up, the key to successful brand communications, Australian consumers are more interested in the operational impact of the pandemic compared to promotional sales marketing.

Remaining relevant is all about keeping a pulse on buying behaviour, the driving force behind brand preference, and how consumer actions at each phase can positively influence the brand image. Next, it is about being able to act on your insights while being responsive and personalised in your messages.

The New Normal is slowly taking shape. Now is the time to Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. The OODA modern military model is timeless and serves as the perfect recipe for triumph in the war against these times of danger and uncertainty.


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