“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Before you launch an advertising campaign, build a website or start writing blog posts, you need to understand your audience, competitors, the market in which you operate, what’s currently working for you and what isn’t, your business goals and of course the budget you have for Digital Marketing. It is possible to launch straight into tactics without a Strategy but as Sun Tzu says “tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat”. In other words, you will be busy implementing, but you may be implementing the wrong things.

We work with you to create a Digital Strategy and implementation roadmap. Our role is to bring our expertise in Digital Marketing, technology, process and budgeting together with your expertise in your audience, market, services and business goals.
Working together with you, we will help you get clear on how to achieve your goals within the context of your capabilities, starting point and budget.

Strategy Services We Offer

Strategy Workshops

We Plan the workshop content and facilitate the session with you/your team. We can run in-person workshops or virtual workshops using Zoom.

Strategy Consulting

We can work with you and your team to review your current strategy or to provide guidance and input into your planning process.


We review your current analytics across your sites and provide recommendations and steps for improvment.


We can provide advice on suitable technology and automation solutions to improve your workflows and efficiency.

Grant & Funding request support

We can help you to prepare your grant or funding request where you are looking to use the funds for Digital Marketing.

Case Study


In 2019, Neighborhood Church of Redding decided to change the name to Pathway Church to reposition and to differentiate itself from other “neighborhood” churches. To support the name change and repositioning, Pathway Church needed a new website to launch the new name.
The leaders of the Church approached Studio1 Design, one of our design partners, to work with them on the design of their new website. Pathway Church not only offers in – person church services, they also live stream sermons and offer a range of community support and programs. They wanted the new brand and website to speak to their existing community and to reflect their future growth plans.
Once the new website design was completed, Studio1 Design referred the Path way Church team to Amica Digital for the site development and to work with them on their Digital Strategy and Implementation.



As the website development was underway, we worked with the leadership team to develop their Digital Strategy and Plan.
Together, we identified key “competitors”, what was different about Pathway Church, their audience and the needs of their audience, their short term and long term goals. We then decided which digital channels would be most effective for them, developed an implementation plan and set a budget for the implementation.
We managed the following services for Pathway Church:
  • Google Ads Grant Campaigns
  • Google Ads Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Page Management
  • SEO
  • Website Maintenance and Support (ongoing)
Digital Marketing Strategy | digital marketing plan

Real results

• Launch of new brand and website was a success • Google and Facebook Ads sent traffic to the
website • Improved SEO ranking on multiple keywords
Video Testimonial by Bill Giovannetti from Pathway Church