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The New Google Analytics 4 – What You Need to Know

Google just launched their new update on its analytics platform – Google Analytics 4. What does it do and what are the new updates from the previous version? Continue reading to find out.

As stated in the Google blog, Google Analytics 4 seeks to keep pace with the major shifts in consumer behaviour and privacy-driven changes to longtime industry standards and current approaches to analytics.

Here are the biggest changes implemented in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

AI-Powered Insights and Predictions

The new Analytics can now automatically alert you to the significant changes and trends in your data. This means that it can notify marketers of data that reflect a surging demand for the services and products that they are selling.

Google’s advanced machine learning models can also be used to predict outcomes including churn rates and the possible ROI a business could earn from a specific demographic. When this data is known, marketers will be able to figure out the high-value customers and target their marketing efforts to them.

Improved Customer Experience Through Deeper Google Ads Integration

This feature lets GA4 track audiences across different platforms and devices. This helps in tracking audience actions on your website. When a user completes an action on the website that removes them from the list, GA4 will automatically update the list so that they will not be retargeted by the same ads.

It can also report on actions taken in Youtube engaged views whether in-app or on the web.

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Event-Driven Data instead of Session-Based

Third-party cookies are getting phased out. This has a huge effect on analytics. As there are less data collected, Google adapts by applying advanced machine learning to get the information it needs.

The solution for this is to shift from session-based to event-driven interactions.

Sessions are all the user interactions with your website within a time frame. A single session can contain multiple actions to your website. Because a session usually involves a lot of actions, it doesn’t capture all of the micro-interactions and it fails to gather data about what your users are doing on your website.

On the other hand, events are all the interactions a user does on your website. It can be a click to a link, page scroll, form submissions, etc. Event-Driven data focuses more on the users and records how they are interacting with your website or app.

This means that instead of reporting about a certain session, GA4 will focus more on the specific events that users engaged in.

Improved data deletion capabilities

Because of the data regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, the data collected are lesser than what is previously allowed.

GA4’s improved data deletion will only remove the necessary data without deleting more than necessary while still complying with the deletion requests from users.

It also includes a feature that will let businesses preview data before deleting them.

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How will Businesses Adapt to Google Analytics 4?

The transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 can’t be done instantly. Businesses need to prepare to take some steps to adapt to this new tool.

Before GA4 becomes the standard, it is recommended to track your data in Universal Analytics and GA4 for a while. You can set up parallel tracking with the use of Google Tag Manager. This is a smart way to track data in both versions, explore and experiment without affecting your workflow.

As the world moves to a more digital approach in marketing, the data collected in Analytics becomes more vital. It is important to direct our marketing efforts to more profitable targets. Correct data analysis plays a vital role in this.

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