Website Health Check

In the online world, your website is your primary asset.  It should be at the core of everything else you do.

Is your website working as well as it could be?  Is this valuable asset providing you with a good return?  Or is it actually a liability?

We can complete a Website Health Check for you and let you know your top priorities for improvement to make your website work better for you.

We’ll run through a full check, investigate issues, identify errors, assess the overall performance of your site. We’ll measure the keywords that you are ranking for and your competitors if you like. Based on data and facts, we’ll be able to figure out if your website is helping you to achieve your business objectives.  We will even record a video explaining what the report is telling you and identifying the priority areas for you.

Here’s how to get your Website Health Check:

1. Please completed this form with some information we need from you. This will give us an overview of your website and additional information that will help us understand your specific needs and preferences.

2. Within 2 working days, you will receive a PDF report with a video recording with detailed explanations and personalised recommendations on actions you can take to improve the performance of your site.

What’s inside your report?Amica Digital Website SEO Health Check Report

  • Common On-Page Issues
  • Site Usability and Security
  • Mobile Check
  • Top Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Competitors
  • Advanced SEO Issues
  • Actions to take to improve your site

Get more than just a high-value, super helpful report. Get the knowledge, insights and the expert help you need to grow your business.

Get started with your Website Health Check today.

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