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People ask me all the time “can I pick your brain?”

It’s flattering because it means they value my views and that I know what I’m talking about.

The problem is, while some of these questions are super quick and I can give the answer off the top of my head,  more often than not, one question leads to an hour long telephone call.

My clients know that to get questions answered, they send an email to the support team and we respond to these super speedily.  Often the people who want to “pick my brain” or ask a quick (long) question or meet for a coffee are not already clients, this means, they are not paying me for my time and that’s not fair to me or my clients.

If you want to pick my brain or ask me a question, get some advice, ask me which tool is best for a task or how to do something in your business, I’d love to help you out.   We both know time and knowledge are valuable and that’s why I ask you to book and pay for a time to talk with me.  That way, I can prepare for our call and I will be 100% present with you on that call giving you as much value as I can in the time.

Got a question?  Need an answer to a problem? Choose a topic and book a call.  I look forward to our call.


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