• Featured | Website Audit

    A Guide on How To Perform a Comprehensive But Simple Website Audit

    In this digital age, almost all businesses have their own websites. But how do you know if your website is performing the way you want it to and delivering value to your business? One thing that you can do is to conduct a comprehensive but simple website audit. A website audit is an analysis of […]

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  • Featured | Brand Awareness

    Marketing Strategies To Boost Brand Awareness

    For brands that don’t have the international recognition of marketing giants like Amazon and Google, the very first step to earning a new customer, or growing your community is to achieve brand awareness through innovative digital marketing. In this blog, we go over the best channels and layout a few marketing strategies to boost brand […]

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  • Post COVID-19 – Adapting To The New Normal

    Trying to imagine the new normal after COVID-19 is tricky but there are some hints that may prove helpful in navigating the current changes and bracing for the ones that have yet to come. To get acquainted with the new normal, we must first let go of what was. Keep reading to find out what […]

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  • Social Distancing - COVID-19

    Digital Marketing During COVID-19

    With social distancing being urged around the world and with many countries in nationwide lockdown, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected thousands of individuals, families and businesses. As business owners ourselves, Amica Digital understands the financial strains your business may be facing. However, through innovative thinking alongside sensitive and effective digital marketing during COVID-19, your brand […]

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  • How to Improve Website Performance

    How To Improve Your Website To Get Better Results

    In this day and age it is considered strange if your business doesn’t have a website and with the impact of the caronavirus pandemic – for some businesses, no website = no business at all. With the digital world taking over the business world, a great business website can be one of your biggest sales […]

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  • Facebook Ads On A Budget

    How To Get Started With Facebook Ads On A Small Budget

    Social media marketing is one of the most important business tools in the 21st century. Social media platforms have only grown over the years since Facebook took the world by storm and it is clear that it is no dying trend. Social media marketing – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube – is one of the easiest […]

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