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Build Your Brand and Get More Visitors to Your Website

This post’s online marketing news roundup is all about how to build your brand and get more visitors to your website.  I’ve found some helpful articles with practical ideas you can implement in your business.  I’m also sharing a few tools that you might find handy.

Google Tools for Market Research

While we’re talking Google, Social Mouths posted a list of Google tools that you can use for market research:

  • Think Insights – studies on how different demographics use the web plus examples of campaigns
  • Customer Surveys – an affordable way to survey people outside of your own database or mailing list
  • Global Market Finder – handy if you are wanting to expand geographically.  This tool gives you information on key search terms across geographies


Forum Marketing

With all of the recent changes in SEO, it can be confusing figuring out what works and what doesn’t. This post and podcast is all about how to effectively use forums, without being spammy,  to build your brand and send traffic to your website.

Key points covered are:

  1. Pick the right forum
  2. Choose your username
  3. Create a signature link
  4. Craft your profile
  5. Don’t be spammy
  6. Provide quality content
  7. Start new threads
  8. Post often

Paid Search

A lot of small business owners don’t use paid search (e.g Google ads) because they think it will be too expensive or they don’t know how to go about it.  Paid search (Google of Facebook Ads) can be a great way to test a market, build an audience or promote your brand.  It can be especially useful for startups and businesses who sell products/services that people are not necessarily searching for.  By using Google’s display network or a remarketing campaign you can get your business and products in front of people who are not necessarily searching for your keywords.

This article on the Freshbooks blog provides an excellent overview on paid search for small businesses.

If you’d like to talk about running a paid search trial campaign contact me.

Affiliate Marketing

Would you like other people to promote your business for you? Would you like to be paid for promoting other people’s products?  Affiliate marketing lets you do both.   You can choose your affiliates so that only like-minded people promote your products/services, or you can expand to a wider affiliate community who have a large network and can promote your products/services to their community.

This Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing (available for $1.99 on Kindle) is a good starting point for helping you understand what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Some of the popular affiliate companies in Australia are e-junkie, DGM and Commission Factory.   A lot of people think of spammy information product marketers selling low-quality products but big brands like The Iconic, Style Tread, Katies and Brands Exclusive use affiliate marketing.  If done well, it can be a very good marketing strategy for your business.

You will need to manage and pay your affiliates, these two affiliate software tracking tools may be of help:

  • This one is a WordPress Plugin
  • This one is software but you can add it to your WordPress site

Do You Really Want to Grow Your Business?

Do you feel like your business isn’t growing fast enough? Do you wish you could afford to hire a team? Do you wish you could speak at an event…only if your business was bigger!  This thought-provoking article by Laura Roeder is worth a read.


Which of these marketing strategies are you using to build your brand and get more visitors to your website?

What else is working for you?

If you recognise that you would be better to outsource some activities in your business, take a look at Amica Digital Services. You can even mix and match based on the skills and tasks you need to outsource. You can start by knowing how your website performs through our free website audit.

*Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on August 2020 for accuracy.
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