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Why Businesses Need to Embrace the Trend in Mobile Device Usage

It is evident that mobile devices and the use of applications have become hugely important in the day to day running of most people’s lives. According to a recent survey on mobile phone usage, statistics show that over 48.33% of the world’s population owns a smartphone by 2021.

As a business owner, I would suggest that the use of mobile technology is one trend that you should be embracing. Here are several reasons why.

Use Applications to Engage Directly with Customers

All across Australia and the rest of the world more and more people are taking advantage of the various applications available via their smartphones, tablets and laptops. It is clear that the general public like the idea of apps and this is a good thing for you, the business owner looking for an effective way to reach out to the public. There are apps for all kinds of things these days and if you develop one or more for your business then you give yourself the best opportunity of getting customers to interact with the business directly from whatever mobile device they are using.

If you own a cafe or restaurant your mobile app could be used by customers to check daily specials, make a reservation, recommend your restaurant to a friend or redeem a special offer you provide to loyal customers.

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Mobile Devices Usage can Help to Streamline the Businesses Everyday Functions

As well as the ability to significantly increase the communication between the various departments in your business, you can also benefit from the streamlining of other aspects. This includes improved customer relationship management, quick access to inventory statements at any time or anywhere, and the ability to effectively adopt time management. It really depends on the type of business that you are running as to how exactly you can utilise the benefits of the available mobile devices, but in my opinion all businesses will be able to take advantage of this technology.

If you need to collect customer details, instead of having them complete a paper form, which then needs someone to input into your computer, you could put the form onto a mobile device such as an iPad which can then be uploaded directly into a customer database.

Give your Customers the Information They Need When They Need it

Thanks to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, it is now possible to give your customers access to information when they need it, without having to wait for you or your staff to get back to them. Nowadays, consumers want immediate access to information.  They don’t want to wait. If they can’t get what they want from your website or by browsing online, they will quickly move on and if your competitors are savvy, they will find the information they need from them and you will have lost a customer and their business.

40% of people use their mobile phone to compare prices online and to look at reviews before making a buying decision.

Many experts that monitor the trends in businesses believe that the use of mobile devices in business is an important and valuable one. I believe it is a good idea to embrace it now while you can still take it as an advantage because very soon it will become the norm for all businesses.

How can you use mobile technology to improve your business, provide a better service to your customers or streamline your business activities?


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*Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on August 2020 for accuracy.

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