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The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season 2021

We’re now approaching the end of the year 2021, what are the best digital marketing strategies? Now the holiday season is coming and for many people that will be a relief! The festive season is a time where people usually spend their money on gifts and Christmas shopping but the pandemic has likely caused some changes in people’s holiday shopping habits this year.

How will holiday shopping be different this year?

Many businesses closed down their physical stores. Although they are slowly starting to adapt to the new normal, some restrictions are still in place. Restrictions such as social distancing and a limited number of customers at a time ensure public safety.

People got even more used to shopping online. Buying products online is more popular than ever. Along with this, the increased awareness of the global issues prompted consumers to be more conscious of the products they are buying.

These digital marketing strategies will greatly affect the shopping habits of people this holiday season.

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How do businesses adapt to Holiday Season 2021?

Now more than ever, your online presence should be the strongest. Many customers will most likely shop online for their holiday shopping needs. This means that by now you should already have an online store launched and be working on your digital marketing strategies.

If it happens that you still don’t have an eCommerce store launched. Contact us. We can help you sort it out but you need to take action now!

Best Holiday Season Marketing Strategies

Perhaps more than at any other time of the year in the retail calendar, the holiday season needs effective marketing strategies. Implementing them and making sure that your business can take advantage of this festive season should be your main priority in the next month..

Here are the most effective and best digital marketing strategies that we highly recommend.

Plan and start your campaigns early

By now you should already have a plan of the campaigns that you will run for the holiday season. You can even extend the campaigns that you ran during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Planning and launching early give your customers time to think and see your campaigns. These campaigns will attract the early holiday shoppers especially if you’re producing seasonal promos and holiday advertisements.

Free products and services are always a HIT!

When offering promos during holidays, always consider giving something for free. Some of the free products that you can give are:

  • Free product with every bundle
  • Free points for every purchase. This is especially good because it will encourage shoppers to buy from your store in the future.
  • Cashback when a certain number of purchases are reached.
  • Free items when they reach a certain amount of purchase.
  • Free gift certificates and coupons when they interact with your social media posts or email campaigns.
  • Free shipping
  • Free gift wrapping

Shoppers always like free gifts, especially during the holiday season. They will spend more so receiving free gifts will motivate them to buy more from your business and also help build brand loyalty. Free gifts also show your appreciation to your customers and will encourage them to go back to your store again and again.

Try interactive campaigns

You can create interactive campaigns for your customers. You can try the following campaigns to attract visitors and customers to your website or online store:

  • Quizzes. Make it about Christmas or New Year.
  • Surveys or Polls. Create a poll or survey on your social media about the gifts that they can purchase from your store.
  • Contests. Create a contest that gives prizes for certain actions. It can be liking or sharing a post.

Interactive campaigns like these are always a great way to attract customers. Make sure to plan all the prizes accordingly to avoid problems.

Make it personal!

Since this is the time of giving, step up your marketing strategy by offering personalised gifts. Make it special by offering:

  • Personal messages along with your gift tags and certificates.
  • Special bundles for specific people such as parents, teachers, childminders or your dog walker.

Just remember, with these special offers, make sure you have ample time to produce the items and get them shipped. Since the holiday season is a busy time, allow plenty of time for delivery by postal/ courier cutoffs – especially international deliveries. Always check the last post before Christmas deadlines and offer Express Post shipping to encourage last-minute purchasers.

Donations | The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season 2020

Give back to the community

With the state of the world right now, everybody is conscious about giving back to the community. You can take advantage of this and also help by offering to donate a portion of profits or a sum to your favourite charity or cause.

Another example is to sell or partner up with businesses that give a certain percentage of the profit to good causes.

This strategy may motivate shoppers to choose your store over your competitors. It will also help greatly in improving your business branding and increasing your authority. Of course, itโ€™s also just nice to give back ๐Ÿ™‚

Redesign your online store

Redesigning your website is one of the ways to improve your digital marketing strategies. This is the first thing that you should be doing. Join the festive spirit by redesigning your online store for the season.

This will help attract customers that are doing their holiday shopping. Images like gifts and Christmas themed colours are recommended. Just make sure that the designs are well incorporated and will not clash with your brand design.

Update your website copy and add in words that people are looking for like best gifts for new mothers or most popular Christmas gifts for men for example.

If you need help with this, you can call us.

Try working with influencers

“Inluencers” is a term that you’ve probably heard from all over social media. You can try to work with one that is aligned with your business and offers.

Try scouring Instagram to look at the best Influencers to work with. Just make sure that they represent your brand. They are a popular marketing strategy right now because they have a following that they can encourage to purchase your products and services.

Don’t forget your email marketing

Apart from your regular email campaigns, you should be able to send out more during this season. Email marketing is still an effective form of digital marketing strategies.

You can always remind your customers about your promos and deals for this season and even offer them an exclusive deal only available to past customers. Create a compelling headline that clearly states your promos to get them to read your emails. Make simple and direct emails that highlight your promos and deals. This will inform and encourage your customers to check out your products.


With efficient planning and implementation, you can develop an effective digital marketing strategy that will help you get sales during the holidays. There are a lot of campaigns that you can use to attract customers to your online stores. The key is knowing how you can promote your business and products this season.

Need help with your Digital Marketing Strategies for the upcoming holidays? Just book a Discovery Call with us and weโ€™ll assist you with the possible strategies that will be best for your business.

Editor’s note: This post is updated on September 2021 for relevance.ย 

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