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Promoting Your Cause Brand at Christmas

Are You Promoting Your Cause Brand during Christmas Season? You Should Be. Christmas is around the corner and if you haven’t started planning promotions for your cause brand yet, here are some festive tips on how to do it from Amica Digital.

Yes Promote Your Cause Brand, But Do It With Transparency

While Cause branding and marketing is changing the way companies approach philanthropy and generally creates a win-win situation for both brand and charity, social goodwill and social justice cannot be worn as a fashionable, once-off garment. It is therefore vital that brands leveraging cause marketing must be completely transparent. A genuine commitment to the supported cause and a long-term commitment must be observed throughout the year. Consumers and online users have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and they are not afraid at all to pull the plug on dishonest brands. The immediacy of social media can be leveraged to call out a brand in seconds, so backing up the cause communications with authentic actions is vital in cause branding and marketing. If brands are not transparent, real and honest, and do not effectively show that they stand for something, their cause branding efforts and festive campaigning will be disposed of quickly.

Align Your Cause Branding With Company Values and Ethics

To not appear on Santa’s naughty brand list, align your cause branding with your company’s values and ethics. Which of your company’s values and ethics should audiences be targeted based on the cause branding you want to showcase? What values and ethics will catch your audience’s attention? What aspects of the cause branding are key values, and how can you effectively showcase them to their fullest potential? Sure, cause branding and marketing must have a Christmas, festive angle, but must be in natural conjunction with values and ethics as well to really prove successful.

Helping Hands | Promoting Cause Brand

Promoting Your Cause Brand by Aligning With Your Charity’s Credibility

Unfortunately, there are many disreputable companies that post as non-profit organisations in order to attain funds from charitable donors, and online users are very aware of this. To stand out from the unscrupulous crowd, ensure your cause branding is aligned with your charity’s credibility. During the festive season, online users always check the credentials of the organisation, so be sure to promote your charity’s credibility in efforts to increase donations. Always display the charity’s name, business address, contact details and date of registration to earn trust from prospective donors.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. To secure effective, donation-worthy Cause branding and marketing, don’t simply tell online users about how your company cares for your cause, but rather show them you’re making a tangible effort through emotional, personalised content. Get involved through actionable, recordable efforts and be hands-on; host company events and donate the proceeds to your charity; personally invest in the cause and show this authenticity and commitment online through different online platforms.

Now that you know how to promote your cause brand this Christmas Season contact Amica Digital for ways to execute your strategy. Christmas is approaching fast, so best be getting on that online digital sled.

At Amica Digital We Give Back

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*Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on September 2020 for accuracy.

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